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App for multi-store local delivery

Kil0 was born with the goal of creating a new and sustainable economic model that puts small local businesses at the centre, thus creating a network of social relationships and a neighborhood economy.

Il progetto prevede la creazione di due app: one for the customer and one for the shopkeeper, each with specific functions.
With the app, the customer can
shop comfortably from their smartphone, purchasing products of many different types (not just food!) from a network of local shops and receiving them at home or at special collection points,with a single delivery. For the shopkeeper, the app is a tool for creating their own virtual shop that allows them to reach more customers and improve the performance of their business.
The Kil0 project is based on the desire to give new impetus to small local businesses, creating a network of local businesses that meet the needs of citizens.

Kil0 - app - gestionale - social

Problems and complexity of the project

As you will have understood by reading the lines above, Kil0 is not a generic delivery app, like the ones we all know. For this reason, the project immediately emerged as complex, both regarding the interactions with users and from a more technical point of view.

To understand the degree of complexity in dealing with the development of this project, just ask yourself: why the big names in delivery always act on the “ONE ORDER FROM ONE STORE AT A TIME” paradigm? The reasons are many. For example, it is difficult to manage the fact that a product is missing in one of the stores where I ordered, it is difficult to manage a delivery round that takes into account all the orders of all users in multiple stores at the same time, it is complex to manage deferred payments to allow shopkeepers to check the exact availability of products and users to be able to choose to go on with the order even if a product is missing.

With patience, professionalism, analysis, study and several expenses from the service’s competitors, we managed to find a balance between the needs of the user, the shopkeeper and the service itself.

Kil0 - app - gestionale - social

A 360° project

The Oimmei team set to work with all its departments to carry out this project.
Because it’s easy to say app, but many other elements are needed to create a successful project. In addition to the development of two native apps, we developed a website, we took care of the original creation of a brand identity and coordinated image, we created graphics and promotional material online and offline, designed a communication strategy and wrote content.

Native iOS and Android app

The App development team created two apps for the Kil0 project.
One for the customer, available for both iOS and Android, which has its core in the purchase of products from local shops that can be received in a single order, wherever and whenever you want. Another one for the shopkeeper, only available in Android version An app dedicated to the activities of the shopkeeper who has their virtual shop at their disposal from which to manage orders, products and monitor their sales results.

The customer app has available, among others, these features:

  • One purchase, multiple shops. With Kil0 the user can shop comfortably from their smartphone. With just a few clicks you can shop from multiple stores and receive them in one order.
  • Wherever and whenever you want. The user chooses where and when to receive the purchase made. Select your delivery address and the time slot in which you want to receive the delivery.
  • Shops and products. For each shop, useful information is visible (opening hours, address), the products on sale with detailed characteristics, and the offers of the day.

These are some of the most important features for the shopkeeper:

  • Dedicated app. A dedicated application from which to keep your virtual showcase updated and monitor sales performance.
  • Order management. With just a few clicks the shopkeeper processes the order, moving from receipt to confirmation and preparation for delivery.
  • Creating offers. The shopkeeper can create promotional offers every day for expiring products, to reduce unsold items or to give visibility to new goods.

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