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Interface management for predictive maintenance SaaS

For over 20 years ISE has been one of the reference companies for Predictive Maintenance and Condition Monitoring activities first in Central Italy and subsequently in the rest of Italy and abroad.
The project we worked on for ISE is called Twise® Hub.It is proposed as a web portal capable of providing information on the reliability of systems in a 24/7 perspective. This information derives from different data sources: Real-Time Systems, Measurements taken by an operator (single one-off measurement). The data can also be generated by different types of sensors/diagnostics: Vibration and speed measurement, Electrical measurements, Oil analysis, Ultrasonic measurements, Thermography, Motion amplifier, etc.
For the user, this portal allows you to:
  • Monitor the operating status of the systems by managing the machines and assets of interest through appropriate tree structures;
  • View and download reports and documents related to the monitored machines;
  • Analyze the technical feedback relating to the analyzes carried out and the resulting economic KPIs.
The portal is designed with a dual functionality:
  • Internal use of ISE for the management of contracts with its customers
  • SaaS for ISE customers
ISE - gestionale - web

The user interface

The activity therefore was to integrate it with their systems, to manage user interaction with the application. Once authenticated, the user will be able to consult the resources available. The main function of this layer is therefore to offer views into the customer’s data/assets. The level appropriately manages the user details with password logic, security, etc.

The development was divided into two modules, the AUTH module allows centralized access management for the system with a two-factor authentication mechanism, mandatory for administrators and optional for authorized customers. This module then manages access tracking, the creation of customers and establishments and the connection mechanism with the system used to collect the establishment’s data.
The second module, the portal itself is the core of the application, once the user has logged into the portal, they have a summary dashboard view containing general information on the machines managed and the resources available to him (e.g. no. online machines, no. of machines managed with contracts, no. of machines managed with spot measurements, New Reports, Health index [no. of critical machines, no. of alert machines, etc.]).
For ADMIN users it is also possible to manage the organization entity to which a series of attributes are associated (e.g. operator list). Using a specific menu, the user can navigate within the tree structure of their systems. Therefore, the main tools are:
  • Tree structures viewers
  • Digital counters for numerical information
  • 2D graphs (pseudo real-time, which will automatically update in time)
  • Photo/video viewer associated with measurement points
ISE - gestionale - web

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