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Chatbot: Maremma e Tirreno Itinerari

The development of a chatbot for cultural enhancement. A project promoted by the Camera di Commercio della Maremma e del Tirreno

Chatbot – Maremma e Tirreno Itinerari

Chatbot – Maremma e Tirreno Itinerari

Valorising culture through technology

Maremma e Tirreno Itinerari is a project of the Camera di Commercio della Maremma e del Tirreno aimed to valorise the cultural resources of the provinces of Grosseto and Livorno. An innovative project based around a cutting edge tool of cultural advocacy, a chatbot, meaning a virtual assistant, that acts as a guide for the visitors – both virtual and in-person ones – through the landmarks of numerous itineraries to discover the territories between Livorno and Argentario.
The project was first launched in 2018 as an expression of the commitment of the Camera di Commercio della Maremma e del Tirreno to digitalize and make more appealing the world of culture and turism. In time the project evolved, thanks to the success gained both with the users and the appreciation the local institutions showed, and now Maremma e Tirreno Itinerari consists in a website, which houses the project, and by the chatbot active on Facebook Messenger and on the website itself.. Although its essence has remained unchanged, the project has grown strongly and today offers not only greater and more varied itineraries, but also an increasingly fluid and engaging user experience thanks to our technological support.
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An innovative tool for the digital transformation of culture

The project Maremma e Toscana Itinerari allowed us to work in the local territory to promote culture and beauty at a 360° angle. A theme to which we have always been very attached and for which we have developed numerous projects since the beginning of our business.
In this case we had to integrate with the technology of the chatbot, the tool that the Camera di Commercio della Maremma e del Tirreno had chosen to convey the contents of the project.
In the cultural sphere, which is generally always lagging behind in terms of innovation and digital transformation, the chatbot is truly a novelty – there is only a precedent of it at the MAXXI museum in Rome; it is about presenting cultural contents in a new way, making them easily accessible from your smartphone using Facebook Messenger – one of the most well-known and used messaging platforms in the world – and also extremely engaging, without ever losing the value that these contents want to convey.
This was an opportunity for us to approach chatbot technology, developing its features and functionality. A bot that was developed entirely by using Oimmei’s technologies to guarantee the highest level of customization.
Click here to know more about the chatbot of Maremma e Tirreno Itinerari.

An increasingly engaging project

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We have been digital partners of this project since 2018, taking care of its genesis and guiding it in its evolution, providing the technological support to adapt the tool – and the project in its entirety – in order to offer more in-depth contents, more engaging methods of use for the user and to arouse the interest of organizations, institutions and associations that might want to collaborate with Maremma e Tirreno Itinerari.
As the name of the project suggests, the main core of it is comprised of itineraries for which we designed a flow, strengthening the one that had been conceived in the first stage of the project, whose structure needed to be articulated and at the same time easy to use and interesting to the user. The routes branch out and have been enriched by very specific types of landmarks (interesting locations, museums, exhibitions, monuments, churches, parks, etc.) in order to include as many cultural places and elements within them as possible. We also introduced maps to show the route of the itinerary and additional multimedia content such as videos, audios and photo galleries to make the user experience more interactive and complete.
The enhancement of the itineraries has lead to an improvement of the chatbot, which is no longer only available on Messenger but also on the website itself and which offers, with the same pleasant levity, the articulated structure of the itineraries and all the additional multimedia elements. Equally significant has been the customization of the chatbot, which took on a name, Martì, a specific tone of voice and even a face, thanks to the original graphics we created.
The portal that hosts the project Maremma e Tirreno Itinerari is the sounding board of the project itself and its activities, allowing the user to know the more institutional aspects, but also to navigate the itineraries more in-depth on the website, consult the local news and get in touch with the Chamber of Commerce, both as a user who wants to contribute to the project and as an institution or association that wants to support cultural enhancement and promotion.
Something that is of great importance for the management of the project, both because of the abundance of information and news related to the website, and – above all – for the construction of itineraries and for the design of the chatbot flow, is the backend of the website. A structure that reflects the complexity of the action envisaged by the project which is also characterized by ease of use, to allow the customer to work independently, with the best functionalities, on the creation of cultural and touristic content and itineraries.
Get in contact with the chatbot Martì and let yourself be guided towards the discovery of the beauty of Maremma and Tirreno: start the conversation!
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What is a chatbot

The term chatbot comes from the union of the words chat and robot, and its goal is to simulate a conversation with a human being: the chatbot is an artificial intelligence that communicates in real time with the user through a chat; always available, it offers a simple and intuitive mode of interaction.
The chatbot is a software solution perfectly placed in the context in which we live, where we look for quick answers and direct contacts, especially through our smartphones. Starting a conversation with a chatbot is quick and easy, not only because its fields of application are the messaging apps we use every day (like Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Whatsapp), but also because the flow of conversation is extremely intuitive.
The chatbot has different degrees of complexity that allow, from level to level, to make the most of all the advantages that this digital solution offers. This digital solution will be able to grow more and more in the coming years thanks to technological progress and thanks to the numerous advantages it can offer to the most diverse business sectors.

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