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Aste Giudiziarie: digital partners since 2014

App development to increase usability, interaction and the search of auction goods for the leading company in judicial auctions.

Aste Giudiziarie

Aste Giudiziarie

A reliable digital partner

Aste Giudiziarie Inlinea S.p.A. is the leading company in legal advertising services, computerization of procedures and support for judicial offices. Founded in 1995, it was the first company that introduced judicial sales to the internet.
In 2014 Oimmei created the first App for Aste Giudiziarie, handling the development of the iOS app and the development of the Android app; in 2018 we were hired as consultants for the designing of the website. On that occasion we supported the development team and the commercial team to redesign the user experience and the layout of the old and historic website, bringing it to the current standards in terms of navigation and usability.
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In 2021 we were tasked with adapting the preexisting iOS and Android apps to the new standards, to develop an app for Huawei, and to follow the progress of the application with our services.

User experience in diverse environments

With the creation of the new Aste Giudiziarie website in 2018, many features of the service were revisited and modified, also thanks to our help. However, there was still the issue of adapting the experience of the app with the one of new website.
Through activities of consultancy and confrontation, we managed to create a map of the world of judicial auctions by identifying the target audience of the App and the needs of the more active users, outlining a customer journey tailored to their expectations. This process was made possible through the study of statistics, anonymous recordings of users’ workflows, through focus groups and usability tests.

The app was already available for iOS and Android, and on these platforms we took care of updating and adapting the apps to offer the users a renewed experience tied to the new standards of Aste Giudiziarie. We also handled the development of the app for Huawei, making a new app specific for the Chinese giant in light of the changes imposed following the break between Google and Huawei in 2019.

Download the app Aste Giudiziarie from Apple Store, Google Play Store or from AppGallery.

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Simple solutions for complex problems

One of the main complexities that we have found ourselves facing is the peculiarity of the judicial world; in fact, although it may not seem like it, this world is very far from fields that at first could seem easy to assimilate, such as that of real estate sales.
Applications like the ones for or Idealista or are conceptually simple, because they tackle one thing only: advertising real estate and allowing users to research properties with a narrow range of predefined parameters.
In the legal advertisement that Aste Giudiziarie deals with, instead, the real estate sector finds ample room, but just as important are the securities sector, the transfer of credits sector and the business units sector. This makes it so that an app that aims to be a tool for industry professionals necessarily has to cover all the all the imaginable cases. All this requires some compromises and some choices that have the purpose of representing this complexity while remaining as simple as possible in its use, and necessarily adhering to strict non-negotiable rules and taking into account an infinite series of controls, rules and exceptions.
Aste Giudiziarie App Development 3

The technology

To understand the complexity of this architecture it is enough to give concrete examples.
Taking only the real estate branch into consideration, for each of the 6 categories present there are dozens of different types of properties. Once the type of property has been established, it is possible to configure a series of advanced parameters concerning judicial data, sales data, as well as numerous parameters that determine the type of result you want to obtain.
Once you get the results, it is possible to save your research for the next consultation and it is also possible to favorite the property. This way the user can follow the progress of the sale of one or more assets they are interested in, or find out when new properties with the desired characteristics will become available.
Moreover, for every property, be it movable or immovable, a very detailed technical sheet will be provided. A complex challenge, because it made it a fundamental requirement to insert all the information necessary in the most intuitive way possible for the end user and at the same time to map all the information so the user can find the data whenever they need it.

The design

The complexity of the world of Aste Giudiziarie required an in-depth design work which, evaluating every possible case, created intuitive and quick user interfaces that made it easy to navigate the app while returning its articulated structure and numerous information. As an example we could take the Onboarding of the app in which the user receives not only the explanation on how it works but they can also already set the main filters and preferences to personalize their research, allowing for a wide range of choice that is also intuitive and quick. If the user wants to learn more about the chosen setting, they will always have the button available Advanced filters from which to browse through the many filters and preferences available in the app that represent the complexity of the world of Aste Giudiziarie; these are presented with a studied and accessible categorization to allow the user not to find themself in front of a wall of information but to immediately find what they are looking for.

Aste Giudiziarie App Development 4

24.000 daily users to manage

Aste giudiziarie counts more than ONE MILLION downloads and 24.000 daily active users, this means that any change made to the App has undergone a strong impact on its daily usage by all the people who use it as a work tool, as professionals in the sector.
This aspect requires that the revisions and publications of the App are even more reasoned and tested both from the point of view of the code and from the point of view of usability, in order to have more control over the impact that these changes can bring to the user experience.

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