We develop native apps

Design and creation of native Mobile Apps for Smartphones, Tablets, Wearable devices and Smart TVs. 

Our approach is to develop Apps natively, in order to allow a complete integration with the specific platform and OS.

We start from the goals and requirements to design and develop brilliant products for all devices.

Our Apps are scalable and optimized for families of devices, so they will work the same on Smartphones and Tablets.

We develop and help to develop APIs for the optimization of the communication between processes, the App and the back-end platform.

This guarantees the maximum flexibility and customization from scratch.

Apps changes business scenarios

Mobile Apps have completely changed business scenarios.

A lot of new Apps are developed everyday.

Why do we make Mobile Apps and why you should have an App? 

Here’s a list with some reasons:

  • the number of mobile devices is way bigger than computers
  • we control our smartphones every 6 minutes on average
  • Apps are used 6 times more than websites
  • 79% of people that use smartphones daily buy goods and service on mobile Apps
  • 73% of entrepeneurs use App daily to involve their customers and get new clients.

10 reasons to have an APP

  1. Increase visibility
  2. Direct marketing
  3. Offer added value to your customers
  4. Build a solid brand reputation
  5. Increase engagement of your customers
  6. Separate you from the pack
  7. Improve customer loyalty
  8. Have a constant dialogue with customers
  9. Complete and compensate your website
  10. Reach your customers on mobile, where they actually are


We develop native apps

Here’s some reasons why we DON’T develop hybrid apps.


The use of native tools allows apps to not undergo build steps. Hybrid apps code “is translated” by the language of the software used in native code for different platforms, loosing all optimizations and constructs that exist in these languages created specifically for mobile development. 

Customization on each device

With the native app it’s possible to create applications and custom them for every single device, for example iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro, etc. This is not possible with hybrid apps because the app is always the same and it doesn’t consider the device’s peculiarities, both technical and of use.


Native apps allow you to use the 100% of technology and innovations of the single platforms. Instead, the houses of software production have to conform them to the latest updates. The result often is not reliable and can take a long time.


With the development of native app is possible to gain access to all the device’s components, taking advantage of all the hardware resources, from the processor to the camera. With the hybrid apps, instead, is necessary to reach compromises.

User interface and user experience

The interface created with software for hybrid apps doesn’t follow the enormous differences of graphic, of interface of the single platforms, disorienting the users. Moreover, it doesn’t implement the individual user experience patterns of platforms, difference in gestures, sequence of actions and standard components, positioning and behavior of menu, etc, which makes poor the user experience, discouraging the engagement and usage. 

How much does an app cost?

The cost of an App is influenced by multiple factors. We tried to summarize some of them.

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