7 reasons why Slack is the perfect homewoking tool


Slack is probably the tool we use the most during this home-working period!
If you don’t know it, it’s a business collaboration tool, both for the team organization and for the work management and communication related to the ongoing projects. A tool that aims to improve the working group productivity and to keep in touch and focused on objectives.

It’s is ideal for working remotely because with its features it connects you with your colleagues and customes, both from smartphone and pc, removing the bother of endless email chains to discuss about a project or to contact the customer.

Here are 7 great reasons why Slack is essential for home-working:

  1. Channel: to organize work. They can be created by topic, team or project. The conversation will thus be focused only on a certain topic.
  2. Video calls: perfect for remote meetings, both with the team and with the customer. Slack also allows to share the screen
  3. Saved items: only you can see them and they are useful to same conversations anche file to look at in more depth later.
  4. Integrate apps: this tool allow you to connect many other app to make your work more productive.
  5. Privacy e security: private channels and data protection to make your work secure.
  6. Cross-platform: this feature is essential to be always present. Can be used both from desktop and smartphone.
  7. File: since this tool was born precisely for work, it supports sending files of all kinds, even large ones.
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